Neuro-F Natural Solutions for Damaged Nerves

Neuro-F Natural Solutions for Damaged Nerves

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Neuro-F® is a specially formulated medical food intended for the dietary management of the altered metabolic processes associated with pain, inflammation, and loss of sensation due to peripheral neuropathy. 

How Can Neuro-F Help? 

Neuro-F is a specially formulated to provide your nervous system with the amino acids and nutrients it needs to effectively manage neuropathic pain, in­flammation, and numbness. Neuro-F works with your body over time to meet the increased nutritional requirements of neuropathic pain, helping restore balance to the nervous system.

Is Neuro-F Right For Me?

Neuro-F is not an NSAID, opioid or anti-epileptic medication. The ingredients in Neuro-F are natural and Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). Neuro-F is designed to reduce pain and numbness associated with peripheral neuropathy.

Recommended Dosing:

It is recommended that two (2) capsules of Neuro-F be taken twice daily in-between meals.

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